The Avengers and Predictive Index

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PI-Application-ModelI’ve been working with the Predictive Index for many years and I know it to be an effective and powerful management tool.  But often I am faced with the challenge of explaining what it can do for a company.  Although I can quote many successful client references and validity studies, show documents, data and case studies sometimes its hard for a potential client to “just get what it can do for them”…they need to relate and visualize it….Here’s where the power of “show me” comes into play.

There is nothing more powerful than a visual and current reference point, especially if you can have some fun during the process.

In this post let me introduce you to the power of the PI and teams through the movie The Avengers.

The movie is based on the Marvel Comic characters and brought to life by the genius of Joss Whedon.

Here we have 6 superheroes brought together to save the world.  You may know some of them: Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow.  Each is famous in their own right.

So imagine this team of VERY big egos, each with a need for control, coming together to work as a team.   It’s not easy.  As the movie begins they’re not much of a team…but thanks to the boss, who understands what motivates them… they are able to work together to save the world.

Through brilliant direction and choreography each Avenger has their moment to shine and to best use their unique skills.  They pull together for a common goal without losing their individuality.

What could it be like if you could manage your high performing teams and talent in this way?  To get those folks who want to do things their own way to come together as a team for the common good.

What if you had a tool, which helped you to understand what motivates each of them? What if this tool helped the team to understand each other in a new way so that they could co-operate instead of compete?

How much more effective would you be as a manager? How much easier would it be to retain your top talent?


That’s the power of the Predictive Index. Imagine what it can do for your company.

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