My Philosphy

In my experience of working with many diverse corporations and people all across the world I've learned that none of us are really all that different in our wants and needs.

I've learned that common sense is priceless, that jargon is a new way of saying the same thing years later and, that you get what you pay for.

I’ve learned that laughter can break down all barriers, that working within your values is precious and that you can reach for your goals in spite of your fears.

I've learned that people want to do a good job, to be successful and appreciated, that bosses want to do the right thing but often just don't know how.

I've learned that we need to take risks to get ahead, to think outside the box (instead of colouring within the lines) and that you just have to "go for it".

So that's where I come in as your Leadership Coach, Creativity, Change and Challenge Partner.

I WANT you to have the Success you deserve.

Creativity: Do you need a new way of looking at things?

Feeling  Stuck?: Want to try something new but you're not sure where tostart?

Demotivated but you're not sure why?

As your Creativity Coach let's break new ground together.

Challenge: Do you have goals but are afraid to try? Would you like to step up but don't want to fail? Do you have dreams you would love to reach for? Let's work together to get you there. master those challenges.

Change: Do you need to make changes in your business life? Are you having trouble working effectively with your team or your boss?

Together we will create practical approaches to work through these for positive change.

Mastering these challenges opens the door for you to be the Leader you can be.

The genius of Alanea’s coaching style is the beauty that, in the end, you actually believe you are the brilliant one, having self-discovered strategies to address emerging issues, or opportunities to avoid certain obstacles. Would all coaches be so quietly effective, subtly inspirational, boldly empowering.

D.Z. - CEO Healthcare Industry

If you have a goal that you think is impossible to achieve, I’m sure that Alanea will show you that you absolutely CAN achieve it…I’m more positive, more confident and have more energy after working with Alanea…I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Bob Philpin Brand To Lead

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