Are you passionate?

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Recently during MBA coaching sessions at a business school a number of us, who are experienced coaches, got into a discussion about the use of the word passionate on CV’s and LinkedIn profiles. Has it become one of those over used words, which come to Arrow (106)mean nothing?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “passionate” as an adjective meaning “having, showing, or expressing strong emotions or beliefs.”

It seems to me that it’s hard to use passionate on a CV unless you are applying for a role as an advocate for a cause. Can you be passionate about finance or consulting? I would say that you can be interested, committed to doing the best job possible, but, not passionate.

I say we reserve passionate for things, which you feel in your gut, which upset you when you see them in the media, which you want to change.

So after those discussions I sat down to write my own “passionate about list.”

I am passionate about:

Literacy: all people have the right to be able to read and write which in turn opens the door to knowledge and then to real self-sufficiency. This benefits everyone.

Empowerment of girls and women in the world: every girl has the right to an education and the right to live the best life possible. No tyrant, dictator, abuser has the right to block this. To quote Hilary Clinton “Women’s rights are Human rights”.

Continuous Learning: we can never stop learning and growing or we stagnate. Everyone should have this opportunity through family, schools, libraries, mentors, coaches and the Internet. I believe we should be the best we can be.

Animal Rights: protection and caring for animals is our duty …there is never an excuse for cruelty, neglect, or profit through poaching. Much can be said about a society from the way it treats animals.

Doing the Right Thing: our values and integrity are part of our humanity.

Freedom of Speech: People have a right to express their opinion (in a non inflammatory manner) and to gather peacefully to create positive change.

What are you passionate about?








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