“A Kind of Magic”

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“One shaft of light that shows the way”.italy-1014258_640

Roger Taylor (Queen


Have you ever had the experience of waking up one morning and knowing that today is the day you are going to take action on a goal, dream or idea?


  • Maybe you struggled with that idea for weeks or, agonized as to whether to do it or not.
  • Perhaps you couldn’t decide or make a choice about what to do.
  • Every time you thought about it it seemed so hard
  • The harder you pushed the more things just didn’t come togethe
  • The more frustrated you became at not being able to figure things out the less you accomplished
  • The more stress you created the worse you felt about not moving forward

In my experience that “one shaft of light” is when you decide if it’s important to you.

Yes it’s as simple as that:

When it becomes important you will do it.

If you really want it, if you’re really committed, if you’re really interested you will make it happen.

As a coach I work with people who say they want something and then have all these reasons why they can’t have it.

Maybe you want to write a book, but maybe you don’t really…. it just sounds like a nice idea but you don’t have the commitment to do it.
When it becomes important you will do it

Stop for a minute and really THINK about this statement and what it can mean for you.

That single-minded sense of purpose comes from a deep desire to want it. “It” doesn’t matter what it is. You could want to ski, improve your golf game, and take a course, change jobs or travel. Whatever it is comes from a place inside you, which is committed to going you there.

If it’s a “should” or another persons idea you will resist.

Think about some examples in your life when you have resisted.

Think about things you have given up and not gone back to. You really didn’t want them enough. Maybe you tried playing the piano, or certain sports, or you wanted to be a chef…whatever it was you gave it a trial run and you were not committed enough to continue through the failures to get to the success.

There was not that deep desire within you to “go for it”.

Don’t “beat yourself up”. It wasn’t for you so let it go.
There’s a great sense of relief at letting go of this “should have, could have, would have” baggage.
Now think about a time you really, really wanted something. What was it? Do you remember that sense of purpose? That sense of moving forward no matter what the obstacles.

You found a way.

When it becomes important you will do it. 

You will find the support network or team to help you get there. This could be a coach, mentor, educational institution, and special interest group, whatever it is you will find a way. 

“Fortune sides with him who dares”. Virgil

Dare to go for your dreams. Dare to reach your goals. Dare to live life as a “Kind of Magic.” Only you can make it happen.






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