7 Technology Pet Peeves

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I am a big fan of technology and all of the wonderful ways it has enriched our lives. However with the good comes the bad. Here is my list of things, which are really annoying. Please add yours in the comments at the end.



  1. Long email signature lines: We read so much of our email on mobile devices so this has become a real irritant. Please simplify your signature line. I do not need every email address, all your phone numbers, degrees you hold or logos of every organization you belong to…. looking at this and having to scroll down through it to get to a message just makes me cranky. Keep is simple with your website/LinkedIn address and Twitter. I can find you.
  2. Repeating email signature lines: You can turn this off in your email program. If we are in a conversation thread I do not need to see all of your details every time you reply. In fact it’s even okay to sign off with an initial in a thread. You can even omit the best regards once we are emailing.
  3. Phone numbers and voice mail: Really I’m not just going to call you with out warning so the only reason I want your mobile number is to sms you. I expect the same from you. Please do not leave long voice mail messages on my phone, as I’m likely to need to call you back anyway. There are exceptions; for example, if you want to sing Happy Birthday to me I will keep that voice mail.
  4. The Hash tag symbol needs to be moved to the alphabet line of the virtual keyboard. It’s really annoying to have to search for it.
  5. Mobile phone typo disclaimers: If you can’t type without making mistakes on your smart phone then one of you isn’t very smart (chuckle) Including this disclaimer does not excuse you from using correct spelling.
  6. Sim Cards and roaming charges: This is a sadly outdated idea (which Apple appears to be addressing). I should not have to change my sim card when I travel. I should not pay huge roaming fees either.
  7. Network Television and Cable: I want to be able to watch show in a “binge” manner. It’s much more fun. Netflix got it right when they released House of Cards all at once. No one watches commercials so the decreasing revenues will force the end of this model. As for Cable TV they have been controlling dictators for too long.


What are your technology irritants? What would you change if you could?

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