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It can get very lonely when you're at the top of an organisation. Shining a light on your personal or professional roadblocks is hard work on your own.... My magic power lies in helping you to quickly identify them and then supporting you to take control of yourself, your career and your  future.

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"Show me your book of limiting rules and I’ll help you to break them all. I’m a straight-shooting senior leadership coach and a frontrunner in the fine art of disruption."


- Alanea Kowalski, Leadership Coach

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The genius of Alanea’s coaching style is the beauty that, in the end, you actually believe you are the brilliant one, having self-discovered strategies to address emerging issues, or opportunities to avoid certain obstacles. Would all coaches be so quietly effective, subtly inspirational, boldly empowering.

D.Z. - CEO Healthcare Industry

As an in-house HR professional, I have worked with Alanea since 2004 - we worked together to introduce the Predictive Index® to our business.  I highly recommend her to HR professionals seeking to get added value in the area of talent acquisition, employee coaching, team effectiveness and workforce planning. I enjoy working with Alanea as a professional with wealth of experience!

Vera Voloskova - HR Director Novartis

Alanea showed me where to find the tools to realise my self worth, focus and prioritise my personal and corporate life.  She was genuine throughout the process.  It’s made all the difference.

M.S. - Executive Insurance Industry

Alanea is an insightful, motivated and enthusiastic individual. She is more than just an astute businessperson; she is a strategic thinker, a deep listener and a very effective coach. This experience has given me the confidence, inspiration and courage to step easily into my new role.

M.K. - Senior Executive Retail Industry

Working with Alanea is very much akin to learning to navigate by the stars.  It means looking up to find my true direction in life.  Alanea helped me by bringing my focus to my “True North” time and time again. Within the safe environment of Alanea’s honest, respectful professionalism, I found a sanctuary wherein I could honour my own deepest  goals.

J.G - Author

If you have a goal that you think is impossible to achieve, I’m sure that Alanea will show you that you absolutely CAN achieve it…I’m more positive, more confident and have more energy after working with Alanea…I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Bob Philpin Brand To Lead
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Alanea is known as the most straight-shooting Executive Coach in the Leadership Development Community and is a creative frontrunner in the fine art of disruption.

She's most well-known for coaching Senior Managers, C-Level Executives and Entrepreneurs to help them cut to the chase and zero-in on their personal and professional challenges with a laser-like focus and a person-centred coaching style that gets results.

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Why Leadership Coaching?

It can be hard to achieve your true potential when you're a time-poor leader or manager. Without a trusted partner to move you in the right direction when you hit a bump in the road, you may well waste time and energy working on the wrong things, in the wrong way...BUT!

I believe in developmental coaching, NOT remedial coaching….you are not broken and do not need to be fixed! I believe strongly in working with your strengths so that you can maximize your work and life experiences!

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When you start your leadership or executive coaching program with me, we'll use a range of insightful and powerful assessment tools to help you understand yourself better, and diagnose exactly where you need to make the biggest changes to achieve your potential.

All these tools are available to you and your organisation - take a test-drive with me if you'd like to experience the power of these business-ready talent assessment systems.

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